Who is Stevie?

Stevie is the rock of our kitty crew.  He’s your quintessential kitty, sometimes weird, sometimes needy, but always loveable.  Stevie’s biggest crime is finding the bag of cat food and having a little midnight snack, but there’s never much worry about him causing any real trouble.

He loves getting some fresh air, so during the summer months, you might catch Stevie lounging on the sidewalk outside.  Stevie is also our most skilled hunter when the occasional mouse gets into the shop, though he usually practices with toys.

How to pet Stevie?

Stevie is pretty approachable, if he’s not in the mood for petting, he’ll just kind of walk away, no fuss.  He especially loves deep cheek rubs and gentle belly rubs.  The only real problem with petting Stevie is that he probably won’t want you to stop!
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