Our Prices

Auto repair and services
Type of work $$$$$$
Oil Changes (basic synthetic blend) $45-50
Oil Changes (full synthetic) $65
Oil Changes (full synthetic, European) $95-140
Brakes $280
Brake Fluid Flush w brake job $30
Diagnostics (simple) $20
Diagnostics (standard) $30
Diagnostics (super skills) $60
Transmission Flush $134
Transmission Flush (with filter) $150
Engine diagnostic $59

Our oil changes cost usually around $45-50 for a basic Synthetic blend oil change. We do not offer any non synthetic blends anymore. This oil will actually cover the specs for Dexos and most newer cars.

We do offer synthetic oil changes. This usually bump the total up to around $65 for 5qts. If you wanted to go Mobil 1 or something specific we can also do that. We get almost any oil.

We also offer the Synthetic oil for 10k mile oil changes that some newer European cars use. This oil change is going to be pretty close to $95. This is a very high quality oil and will fill the specs for Mercedes, Audi/VW and other manufactures that have 10k oil change specs.

These prices are based on standard 5qts of oil if you car is more or less the price will change some.

Try Richard @ Tow Time – 612-501-1815, but if he is being grump/crabby you can also call Schmidt Towing – 763-253-1568

We can now offer Pronto Roadside Assistance

Pronto single-use Roadside Assistance Certificate is good for towing or a jump start anywhere in the United States or Canada. Service includes a jump-start or tow for one (1) year from the date of qualifying repair.

Register within 30 days  of the repair date online at http://www.prontocarcare.com/ to receive a one-time use certificate good towards a FUTURE roadside event (tow or jump). READ THE FINE PRINT: The FUTURE tow must be 24 hours after the original repair.

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For most cars and trucks our brake jobs will usually end up around $300 in repair for pads and rotor and labor for 1 axle. This is the standard brake job that will work for 88.36% of the people. If you have a higher end car we may suggest different rotors and pads and this may bring up the price slightly. If you own something common like a GM, Toyota or Honda your brakes will probably be cheaper.

A brake fluid flush is also something you should think about doing. This would add $30 to the total. Brake fluid wants to absorb Water and it gets in the system and rusts from the inside out. It can also cause the fluid to boil and a lower point and give you brake fade when you dont want it.

Simple $20
Standard $30
Super Skills $60

Engine/Transmission $59

If you need more information about diagnostics I would suggest you check our FAQ page.

Yes, I know you can find coupons for cheaper alignments but enjoy getting barraged with sales about how everything is broke on your car.

We offer alignments for $119.00

If you are getting other work done the alignment will be $100.00

These are my favorite. I see too many transmissions fail just because of simple neglect. You want to make sure you flush your fluid before it gets dirty, not when it is dirty! When its dirty is too late. I suggest flushing or doing a drain and fill every 30k and doing the filter(if your vehicle has one) every 90k. Its the cheapest insurance you can do to keep your transmission working in good order.

This includes draining and filling the system twice with up to 2 gallons of transmission fluid. The next we have to offer is an actual transmission flush with the machine. This flushes 4 gallons of fluid. This service costs $134. Some vehicles will actual have a filter inside of the transmission pan that can be serviced. To replace this filter the cost would be around $150-250. If you pan is also leaking this would actually fix that problem at the same time. If you wanted to combine the filter with an actual flush the total would be $300. Though I would only recommend this service for neglected transmission or every 90k miles.