Hybrid and EV Repair

Hybrid and EV Repair in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Welcome!  To the world of TOMORROW!!  Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are the future and Turbo Tim’s is ahead of the curve and already embracing them!  Toyota Prius?  Tesla Model 3?  We can handle that!  On the surface, hybrid and EV repair appears to be the same as a traditional car.  Here, we know there’s more to the story when caring for these vehicles.  Dealerships aren’t your only choice!  Pay us a visit and see why so many hybrid and electric vehicle owners won’t take their cars anywhere else!

How do I know when to service or replace my hybrid battery? It seems to be working alright.

First of all, always exercise caution around your hybrid or EV battery.  They can deliver a deadly electrical charge and if you’re dead, you can’t even drive your car, so be careful!  Additionally, you should always check the user manual of your vehicle for recommended service frequency.  We recommend having your hybrid battery checked about once a year when you have other regular services done.  They are designed to last as long as ten years, but the cost of replacing one could be very expensive.  For that reason, it’s much better to continually do preventative maintenance.

Aren't hybrid vehicle brakes the same as a traditional car? Doesn't regen braking mean I use the brakes less?

While the actual brakes may behave the same as a traditional car, EV’s may actually require more maintenance.  Regen braking charges the battery by using the drive motor to slow the vehicle instead of the brakes.  Consequentially, this means you’re using your brakes less.  This could lead to rusting, especially on Minnesota’s salty winter roads.  Rust is serious and could prevent your brakes from working altogether.  For this reason, regular maintenance checks are very important.

What else is there to maintain on hybrid vehicles? This is so complicated!

Considering that hybrids have internal combustion engines, they still need most of the same maintenance as a traditional vehicle.  This means regular care like oil changes, transmission flushes, and cleaning all the garbage out from under your seat.  We’ll take care of the first two!

My Uncle Reemus says hybrid and EV repair is basically the same as every other car. If he'll fix it for a case of beer, how could Turbo Tim's possibly be a better option?

Some repair jobs might seem simple enough.  In reality, these modern cars have high-voltage batteries and more advanced systems than your average vehicle.  Unfortunately, these are things that require a whole separate depth of knowledge and training.  Fortunately, Turbo Tim’s has all the knowledge and training to keep your car happily purring along.  Unless ol’ Unky Reems is trained specifically for hybrid and EV repair, we really hope you’ll call us instead!