Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Turbo FAQ page, where all your deepest burning questions will be answered!  If you have questions about specific services, check our Services page for some more info.

Can I call and get a quick estimate?

Cars aren’t built like they used to be, when parts were interchangeable across many models and manufacturers.  A car today may allow for five brands of brake rotors and three options for brake pads. Coming up with an estimate over the phone can be tricky.

We think of auto repair as more than just a commodity.  We understand shopping for prices, but too often, looking for the cheapest option won’t get you the best work.  At Turbo Tim’s, we ensure you’re getting thorough, transparent service and quality parts.

Why should I even trust Turbo Tim’s?

  • We install quality parts that justify our 3-year, 36k mile warranty. This is a warranty better than provided by most dealers. We want you bringing your car back for regular maintenance, not for something we already “fixed.” 
  • Our goal is to provide the best automotive service we possibly can.  We encourage and facilitate ongoing training for our mechanics and service advisors. We want our team to grow on a personal and professional level that enables us to be the most talented shop in town.
  • Misdiagnosing problems and installing incorrect parts costs the customer time and the shop money.  We generally try not to attempt making blind phone estimates or diagnoses to avoid falling into a costly trap or false expectations. 
  • Lastly, there is value in our inspections. With so many variables in the systems of a vehicle, symptoms may be misleading or may fail to highlight a deeper issue. When one of our highly-trained technicians examines your car, you are getting a professional assessment.

What kind of inspection do I get?

We have a rule at our shop: 100% of cars get an inspection 100% of the time so we know 100% of what is wrong with your vehicle.  Over the years, we’ve learned that a complete vehicle inspection is the best for everyone.  We don’t want you worrying about something when you just had your car in the shop.  We won’t force anything on you, but you’ll at least know the complete status of your vehicle.  We want you to have the knowledge to make an informed decision that is right for your circumstances.

Your vehicle inspection is all digital and completely transparent.  You’ll receive pictures of your car’s components so you can see for yourself what condition your vehicle is in, along with a list of estimates.  Inspection results may seem like a lot to understand, but we’ll always help educate and recommend the best approach for your situation.  We know everyone can’t afford to just fix everything, and we’re proud to give you real facts and compassionate advice.

What information do you need from me?

The more information you can give us, the better.  Do you drive the car everyday?  What kind of commute do you have?  What kind of budget are you trying to work within?  All this kind of information will help us make the best decision for you. We understand if someone tells us they have bills coming up or that you don’t drive the car much or even far. We would make different recommendations for you compared to someone who drives their kids to daycare, commutes across town, and likes to go camping up north every weekend.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take good old cash and credit cards and we also offer contactless Facepay.io or even PayPal.

Do you offer financing for repairs?

We have a couple options. We have SNAP financing which is like a loan with payments. We also use Synchrony for financing which can be great for responsible people because it’s 6 months with no interest.

What's up with the bumper sticker discount?

You’ve probably seen them all over the cities.  Obviously, people slap em on because they’re cool, free, and tell everyone that you go to a cool auto repair shop.  But wait!  There’s more!  Having a bumper sticker means you get 10% off for life!  Whoa!!!

What's with all the cats?

Tim’s always been a cat lover and came across a stray cat at the original Turbo Tim’s location.  The shop decided to adopt him and the black cat quickly became the symbol of Turbo Tim’s.  Of course, one cat simply isn’t enough and we now have a happy little family of adorable kitties to brighten our days!

Can I get one of those sweet shirts the staff members are always wearing?

You betcha!  You can check out the selection while you’re at the shop!

Where should I park my car when I drop it off?

Good question!  Finding a spot in the lot is obviously the best case scenario for everyone.  However, if the lot seems a little too crowded, you can park anywhere around the block.  If you’re leaving your keys in our dropbox, please let us know approximately where you parked it (we really do appreciate the help).