Do you give free estimates?

Estimates for replacing stuff are always free but if its something the requires diagnostics is it free?

Yes and No. We can sometimes give you a free estimate and usually will if the problem is something we are familiar with and we know what it is but sometimes we do charge for diagnostics. Our usual charge is $30 and it will be the best money spent. Usually way cheaper then all the previous parts you have thrown or had another shop throw at your car trying to fix a problem. Also just so it’s in writing, if we say we are fixing a problem and we don’t, then we don’t charge you.  We also have a $20 basic inspection but for the most part consider $30 our standard diagnostic charge. Another note, our job isn’t as simple as just “plugging in that computer thingy” to get an accurate answer. Remember these computers tell you the problem with the system but not the actual answer. That is where we come in. So for engine diagnostics we have our $59 testing plan. This will figure out about most cars that come in. This is what testing we do for this – Connect Computer Testing Equipment – Perform Test and Read Service Codes and Stored Information – Research Codes and Code Setting Parameters – Check for Related Service Bulletins and Pattern Failures – Visual Inspection of Related Components and Areas – Isolate Circuit of Sub-System Responsible for Lamp Activation – Advise of Results – Clear and Reset Computer – Develop a recommendation to repair you vehicle – Show you related symptoms, possible causes, and indicate the degree of urgency with which you need to get your vehicle serviced. If something is really crazy and we haven’t seen it much before then the test we do will cost an additional $89. This is the stuff we do for that – Road Test as Required to Test, Duplicate, and Monitor Functions – Test and Confirm Battery and Charging System Functions – Perform Manufactures Flow Chart Procedure for Isolated System – Use of Scopes, Meters, and Simulators as Needed – Signal Trace and Circuit Test as Required for Related System – Test Sensor Functions and Connections as Required – Test Fuel System as Related to Sub-System Failure – Test Ignition as Related to Sub-System Failure – Isolate Specific System / Component Failure – Advise of Corrective Action and Options. Its possible things can require more testing then that but that is only about 5% of the cars that come in with problems.

Do you do pre-purchase inspections?

Yes and again this will be the best money spent! There is so much you can find out about a car buy having someone look at it. Yes, you may be able to see or hear some of the obvious stuff but some of the other stuff that is going to cost you money down the road you are going to want to know about before you purchase the car of your dreams. Usually we just charge our standard $30 fee. We also have a more indepth inspection that is $60 that will give you a nice digital video link of the stuff we found.

Can you diagnose problems over the phone?

Yes and No. Sometime we know common problems and can give you some information on what we think but We really need to see the car. For instance, if your car hit a pothole yesterday and now it has a flat tire, maybe all you need is a new tire. Or maybe there is hidden damage that will cause a breakdown two weeks from now. We can’t tell unless we look at it. Even when the symptoms of a problem are specific, such as a warning light on the dashboard, there are usually several possible causes.

Do I need to have an appointment?

Preferably. Scheduling appointments helps us work more efficiently, which means you get your vehicle back as soon as possible. If you are a new customer, we like to plan a little extra time to get to know you and show you our shop. Of course, if you’re an existing customer and you have an unexpected emergency, we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I can’t keep my appointment?

So you’re hungover, stuck at work, or just too lazy to make it in, please at least shoot us a text. The good news is we are usually pretty booked and someone would love to have your spot. It’s also good to know in case we have ordered parts for your car. We would like to get those back to whoever we bought them from just so we don’t get charged a restocking fee.

Can I provide my own parts?

Yes, though keep in mind that when you get the wrong part we may not call you bad names to your face but we will be thinking that it is unnecessary and a pain to have to hold up the process of repairing your automobile by not having the right part. Also if you do get your own parts we will not warranty anything other then all the bolts we install are tight. We will be able to match or even beat any parts prices you have and would be happy to do that. We make our money working on cars not selling parts. We do get our parts for usually around 20% less then retail and usually our markup is less then other shops. We have huge buying power because we are one of the most busy shops around.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. You can pay some up front when you drop off the car then you can pay the rest when you pick up the car. We do actually now have Synchrony Car care credit. You can find the link at the bottom under services.

Do we have a waiting area?

Yes we do. It is stocked with great 90’s VHS tapes, some you may have forgotten, but classics. We also have Xbox. We dont encourage people to wait as sometimes our parts delivery times are a little off of pace or busy but you may at your own risk.

What is with all those bumper stickers?

If you have not seen our bumpers stickers around the city or even the county at this point, you are not driving at all. They are our creative way of letting people know about us and it also give you, the customer, a chance to advertise for us and get paid! Well maybe not get paid but at least get 10% off you bill FOR LIFE!!!