Transmission Repair in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

What in the world is a transmission?  Well, it’s easily one of the most complex components of your entire vehicle.  It does all the hard work to “transmit” power from the engine to your wheels.  The gears on a bicycle are a good simple comparison.  However, car transmission repair isn’t as simple as fixing the chain on your bike.  Problems can quickly go from bad to worse if left unresolved.  For that reason, having the expertise of a transmission shop is vital to your car’s performance and lifespan.

I've heard of transmission flushes. I can flush a toilet, are transmissions the same?

Uhh…not really.  A basic transmission flush means draining and filling the system twice with up to two gallons of transmission fluid.  A transmission flush will ensure that the precision parts operate more smoothly and with less resistance.  Therefore, this will increase performance and extend the life of your car, preventing costly future repairs.  We recommend doing this every 30k miles along with other regular maintenance.

There's some strange red juice leaking from my car, is my car bleeding??

Not quite bleeding but it’s probably leaking transmission fluid which is a very serious issue.  This is something that could quickly turn into major problems and costs tons of money to fix.  We recommend that you request an appointment or call us immediately to get going on your transmission repair before it’s too late.

My Uncle Remus says he'll do my transmission repair for a sixer and a pack of smokes. How could Turbo Tim's possibly be a better option than that?

If you trust him to handle one of the most complicated and expensive parts of your car, we won’t argue!  However, if you’re nervous, we have a whole team of ASE Certified mechanics who work with transmissions every day.  They can handle anything whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission.  Ol’ Unky Reems probably knows a few things, but we believe you’ll get better results from a professional transmission shop.

When I'm accelerating, my car makes this sound like EEEEER CHE CHE CHE CHE! What should I do?

Definitely give us a call: Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or Schedule Online.