Full Service Oil Changes in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Need an oil change?  Dude, no way!  We do that!  An oil change at some auto shops just means drain and fill.  Our full service oil changes include a complementary tire pressure check, fluids check, oil filter replacement, and a visual inspection by our ASE Certified mechanics.  Sweet!  The typical recommendation is an oil change every 3,000 miles.  Math is hard!  We know!  If you live 10 miles away from work, you should have your oil changed about twice a year!

Do I seriously need to worry about oil changes? I already filled my gas tank and wiper fluid...

You seriously do!  Starting your car with old dirty oil is like starting your day with old chunky milk in your cereal.  Gross!  Motor oil keeps your engine running smooth and slick, so it doesn’t have to work as hard.  Having clean oil in your car will extend the life of critical engine components and form a healthy seal around the pistons for better performance.

Synthetic oil, conventional oil, vegetable oil? What the heck is the difference?

First of all, if you’re considering putting vegetable oil in your car, please just remain calm.  Put down your keys, pick up your phone, and call us for help.

The rest of you are probably thinking, wow, vegetable oil?  Obviously that’s a bad idea, but I actually still have no idea what type of motor oil I should put in my car.  Well, don’t worry!  Our ASE-certified mechanics always know the right choice for your specific car and our service advisors will explain any other options you may have.

I already know how to change my oil, I'm cool like that...

That’s awesome!  We’re proud of you!  At Turbo Tim’s, we truly want people in our community to be educated about their cars and to be able to perform basic maintenance, so that actually makes us super happy!  With that being said, we always recommend consulting the user manual of your car or truck and if you decide you’d rather trust a professional to do the job, we’d be honored to fulfill that service.

My Uncle Remus already said he would do my oil changes for free. How could Turbo Tim’s possibly be a better option than that?

Uncle Remus is probably a cool guy, but at Turbo Tim’s, we have a crew of  ASE Certified mechanics who do oil changes everyday on every kind of car you can imagine.  They even understand the most complicated oil systems.  You can be sure this crew knows what they’re doing!

But wait…there’s more!  While your oil is being changed, your ASE-certified mechanic will do a major fluids check and fill, tire pressure check and fill, and visual inspection.  We won’t charge you for that stuff, we just do it because we love you.

Turbo Tim’s believes in sustainability, so we don’t throw away your old oil.  We actually use it to heat the shop during those Minnesota winters!  If ol’ Unky Reems is too busy next time, we hope you’ll swing by us for some quality service.