Brake Repair

Brake Repair and Services in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Unless you just stop your car by crashing into things, brakes are going to be a very important component in your vehicle.  Brake problems should be taken very seriously.  The best way to mitigate issues is by having your car checked and serviced regularly by brake repair experts.  You can request an appointment here or call us at (612) 208-8461.  However, if you’re still unsure, consider these questions you may be asking yourself.

Give me a break, do I really need new brakes?

Maybe not, but brakes that aren’t as responsive as they used to be could be showing signs of aging.  This is particularly true if you are noticing noise or vibrations.  Worn brake systems can be extremely dangerous, especially under heavy braking at high speeds that pose more risk.  If it’s been a while and you aren’t sure, we recommend stopping by Turbo Tim’s for a brakes examination and we’ll make sure your vehicle is safe to drive, whether you have drum brakes or brake pads and rotors.

What the heck is a brake fluid flush?

The hydraulic brake fluid in your brake lines transfers the pressure needed for your brakes to work.  These lines can get air or water in them, which can impact performance and speed up the wear of your system.  Even worse, brake lines can leak.  That’s bad news bears, like trying to drink through a straw with a hole in it.  A brake line flush will ensure that only the cleanest fluids are in your lines, preventing unnecessary corrosion and damage.

My car stops okay but it makes this sound like RREEEEEEEEE REE REE REE!! What should I do?

Definitely give us a call at (612) 208-8461 or request an appointment online.

My Uncle Remus says he can get cheap parts from a scrapyard and do my brake repair for free! How could Turbo Tim’s possibly be a better option than that?

Hey dude, you know Uncle Remus better than we do.  After all, if you trust him with your life when you need to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting a school bus full of kids, that’s totally up to you.  However, if you’re having any second thoughts, you can be very comfortable knowing that our horde of ASE Certified mechanics work on brakes everyday on every vehicle you can imagine.  Not only does Turbo Tim’s have the knowledge and skills, our top-quality parts ensure your safety and satisfaction.  We (and the other drivers on the road) hope you’ll consider choosing us instead of Unky Reemers!