Tire Service

Wheel and Tire Services in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Just thinking about dealing with your tires can be a “deflating” experience.  Keeping the pressure right, worrying if the tread is too low, wondering if they should be rotated, it’s all so “tiresome!”  It’s even worse if something bad happens, like a blowout.  Turbo Tim’s top notch tire machine can handle all your rubbery woes!   You can request an appointment here or call us at (612) 208-8461,  If you’re still unsure, consider these questions you may be asking yourself.

How the heck do I know when to get new tires? Everybody says something different!

There are so many factors that affect the aging of your tires!  For this reason, it’s difficult to evaluate without having a professional tire shop actually examine the tires.  Daily commutes, damaged roads, extreme climates (like Minnesota winters), improper inflation, and overall age are just some of the things you should think about.  If you’re unsure about the health of your tires, don’t wait for something bad to happen, get them checked out!  We recommend stopping by Turbo Tim’s for an examination about once a year.

I used one of those air pumps at the gas station, how do I know if I have the right pressure?

You can usually find the correct air pressure for your tires in your car’s manual.  However, if you’re just not sure about it, we’re the team for you!  We’re a professional tire shop with reliable equipment and we’ll help you set the record (and your tires) straight!  Our ASE Certified mechanics will ensure your tires are road-ready and our team will advise you on the best care practices for your situation.

My Uncle Remus got a sweet deal on a set of tires and said he’ll install them for me, how could Turbo Tim’s possibly be a better option than that?

Hopefully Uncle Remus is getting his tires from a reputable dealer!  If you’re nervous about it, our ASE Certified mechanics can give your tires and rims a full evaluation and report.  Good deals are awesome, but the peace of mind you get from Turbo Tim’s is priceless!

I think my tires are inflated right, but one is making this sound like WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB! What should I do?

Definitely give us a call at (612) 208-8461 or request an appointment online.