Auto Repair in West Saint Paul

Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive
815 Dodd Rd.
West Saint Paul, MN 55118
M-F 8am-5pm

The Story of Turbo Tim's West Saint Paul

Welcome to Turbo Tim’s West Saint Paul!!!

Located in the heart of West Saint Paul’s unique 40 Acres Neighborhood, this Turbo Tim’s shop is just as cozy as the community it’s in!  Although it wasn’t always a Turbo Tim’s, this shop has been serving the people of West Saint Paul for decades and we’re here to carry on the tradition!

We’re not only fixing cars here, either!  With Turbo Tim’s comes a whole lot more!  We host events at the shop like puppet shows by Open Eye Theatre and also support other local community events!

Check out our events page to see if anything is coming up soon!

west saint paul puppet show

Auto Repair Services in West Saint Paul