Vehicle Inspections in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Why are cars so darn complicated?  Who the heck even understands all this crap?  Turbo Tim’s does!  We have a whole team of brilliant ASE Certified mechanics who will give your car a comprehensive evaluation.  This way, you’ll get a clear picture about the health of your car!  But wait!  There’s more!  In addition, you’ll even receive actual pictures of your car’s innards to help explain potential problems.  Pretty fricken sweet!

Help! My dashboard has more lights than a Christmas tree! Do you guys really know what all of those mean?

Heck yeah we do!  We know how to diagnose the issue and turn those lights off!  Don’t fret, our ASE Certified mechanics will identify the causes of those pesky warning lights and give a full inspection of the major systems of your car.  Give your eyes a break from those bright lights and pay us a visit!

Help! Car stuff confuses me so much! How the heck am I supposed to remember what a worn rear stabilizing axle wing sprocket is?

First of all, whatever part you just mentioned doesn’t sound right, maybe double-check that.  Second of all, with Turbo Tim’s, you’ll get an extensive written inspection and estimates for any recommendations.  Therefore, you can clearly see the results of your inspection.  In addition, this includes pictures of your vehicle to highlight specific issues!  Ultimately, cars can be really hard to understand.  We’ll make it easier for you with our expert advice.   In short, you’ll be getting the best guidance from folks who care about you and your community!

Help! I’m buying a car from some random dude and don’t wanna get ripped off. Do you do pre-purchase inspections?

You betcha!  Don’t buy a lemon!  Seriously, who knows how much pain that used car could cause you and how much more money you’ll have to sink into the purchase.  We’ll give you that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing exactly what you’re buying.  Meanwhile, you’ll have the confidence knowing that you’re making a smart decision.