Director of Operations

Mechanic Kitty Stevie

Who is Stevie?

Stevie is the rock of our kitty crew.  He’s your quintessential kitty, sometimes weird, sometimes needy, but always loveable.  Stevie’s biggest crime is finding the bag of cat food and having a little midnight snack, but there’s never much worry about him causing any real trouble.  He loves getting some fresh air, so during the summer months, you might catch Stevie lounging on the sidewalk outside.

How to pet Stevie:

Stevie is pretty approachable, if he’s not in the mood for petting, he’ll just kind of walk away, no fuss.  He especially loves deep cheek rubs and gentle belly rubs.  The only real problem with petting Stevie is that he probably won’t want you to stop!


Senior Business Analyst
Mechanic Kitty Brandon

Who is Brandon?

It’s probably not news to anyone familiar with Turbo Tim’s that Brandon is a little stinker.  His ongoing towel-stealing antics have become a world-wide sensation, featured on news sites as far as Australia and Poland, possibly even other planets.  You can see the famous footage here.

Although he exhibits occasional moments of relaxation and patience, he’s more well known for rudely interrupting conversations with a loud demand for food or attention.  Brandon is a real pain in the butt sometimes, but underneath the thick chonker exterior is a sweet little kitty that just wants to be loved.  And boy do we love him!

How to pet Brandon?

Brandon is a pretty substantial kitty, so he can handle harder petting than most cats.  He also likes little head scratches.  Despite being the biggest boy in the shop, he loves jumping up on people’s laps and just plopping himself down.  What an honor to pet such a famous celebrity!


Customer Relations Manager
Mechanic Kitty Bruce

Who is Bruce?

Bruce is by far our most confoozled kitty.  Don’t get it twisted though, he’s the biggest sweetheart in the world.  You might need to walk around him sometimes because he has literally no idea that he’s in the way, but with little Bruce, who could ever be mad?  Not us!

Despite his excitement to see friends and meet new people, his voice is so quiet that sometimes it seems like nothing even comes out, sometimes just a cute little chirp.  You’ll often find Bruce lounging on top of the aquarium with the tip of his tail dangling in the water.  Sometimes he’ll even invite a friend to the aquarium for a therapeutic cleaning session.

How to pet Bruce:

Bruce’s constant confused state makes him the most challenging cat to pet, though he loves it just as much as anyone (as long as you’re gentle).  He is sometimes slightly uncomfortable when someone is petting him, so the best approach is just hold your hand out and let him rub his face on your hand.  After enough of that, he’ll usually plop down and you can pet him more, but it’s a patient process.  Bruce is also a bit clumsy with his claws, he’d never hurt a fly but sometimes he just forgets that claws are sharp and skin is soft.


Circus Clown
Mechanic Kitty Dean

Who is Dean?

Dean is a little lunatic.  He will climb anything and everything.  He will chew on random cords.  He will meow randomly for no apparent reason.  He will wander off into neighbors’ yards to chew on twigs.  Boy, it’s a lot to handle, but when he’s not wreaking havoc around the shop, he’s an adorable little angel.

Dean’s probably most well-known for climbing on shoulders.  It could happen at anytime, but when Dean decides to curl up around the back of your neck, you accept because he’s literally the best scarf in town.

How to pet Dean:

Dean is super easy to pet, head scratches, behind the ears, light cheek rubs, full-body pets, rubbing his face on your face, he’s pretty happy with everything.  He loves the attention and you can even see the smile on his face when he’s happy.  As mentioned before, if you’re lucky enough to have Dean jump up on your shoulders, just roll with it!  Keep petting him, go for a walk, anything goes, he’ll hop off when he’s satisfied with his ride.

Thanks for taking the time to meet our kitties!  You can find even more adorable cat pics and fun stuff on our Facebook or Instagram!