Tow Service in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Getting a timely tow can be stressful and we understand that!  If you’re stuck and need a truck, Richard at Tow Time is our first recommendation for tow service.  You can easily reach him at (612) 501-1815.  He’s been working with Turbo Tim’s forever and knows the whole deal!

Why is Tow Time your first choice for towing? Aren't they all the same?

Richard at Tow Time tows to our shop frequently, but that’s not all!  He’s got a bad*** little chihuahua that goes with him on every ride!  Be sure to ask to see Joey, he’s a little sweetheart!  Make that call at (612) 501-1815!

If Richard at Tow Time is unavailable, can I use another tow service?

Of course!  There’s no worries, at Turbo Tim’s, we’ll work with any tow service you prefer!

This is hard! I still don't know what to do!

Convenience for our customers is important to us and at Turbo Tim’s we’re happy to facilitate any tow for you!  When you call to set up an appointment, just ask if we can get the tow set up and we will do the rest!  Tows can be reimbursed through a program we offer to our customers.  Ask about the offer and we’ll help you get your free tow today!

Is there anything else I might want to know?

Turbo Tim’s also offers loaner cars for your convenience, or a free Lyft shuttle to and from your house or place of work!  Sweet deal!