Catalytic Converter and Exhaust Repair

Catalytic Converters and Exhaust Repair in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, West Saint Paul

Does your car suddenly sound like a jet engine?  There’s a good chance your catalytic converter was stolen.  It only takes a few minutes for someone to slide under your vehicle and saw this valuable component off for resale on the black market.  If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of these criminals, we know your day has been totally ruined and it’s embarrassing to drive around with that noise, but we’re here to help!  We replace catalytic converters all the time and have solutions to deter further theft.

Why did those scumbags steal my catalytic converter?

Catalytic converters are emissions control devices that reduce the toxicity of gases and pollutants from your vehicle’s exhaust system.  This chemical process requires valuable metals like platinum, which makes catalytic converters extremely valuable for both your vehicle and those thieves.  If you’re the victim of this common crime, we’re here to help!  Give one of our shops a call or schedule an appointment online!

What can I do to stop them from stealing my catalytic converter?

We have options for catalytic converter protection, typically involving welding a covering over the underside of your vehicle.  This means it will take much longer for someone to saw through and access the catalytic converter and also be much louder to deter the thief from finishing the job.  It’s unfortunately not a 100% guaranteed solution, but it is a wise choice for anyone who commonly parks in the street or in open parking lots.  There are also ongoing legislative efforts to discourage this disruptive activity, so we encourage our customers to stay informed and vigilant as the landscape evolves.

My Uncle Remus already said he can just straight pipe my exhaust instead of replacing the catalytic converter. How could Turbo Tim's possible be a better option?

While straight-piping your exhaust system instead of replacing your catalytic converter is nice and cheap, it isn’t legal.  Emissions standards require vehicles in Minnesota to have a catalytic converter.  If you really wanna save the bucks and risk it on the road, we understand, otherwise, we’re always here to help answer your questions and solve your problems!  Give one of our shops a call or schedule an appointment online today!