"Sean Michaels"

Sean (Michaels) lost his hand in a freak car repair accident, or was it an intense wrestling match… JK folks, he just looks handless because he’s going for that hard to reach bolt that will stop the rattle in your front end. Sean’s got skills, and two hands to prove it.


"Some guy who works here"

Hey it’s Tim, “Turbo Tim” the proud owner of Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive! This guy loves helping people get their cars fixed at a reasonable price. Education opportunities are huge here, helping owners learn more about their cars helps them make good decisions for them and their cars. The goal is for customers driving out of the shop to feel good about their experience and enjoy driving their cars!

Despite his love of cars, commuting by bike to work is something he does whenever possible. In addition to Bobby and Stevie, Tim has a bird named Gwen and two more cats: Pinto & Pig. He is proud to work and live in Northeast with Rachel and our family.

Drive safe out there and have fun!!!


"Turbo Rachel"

Rachel and Tim live and work in Northeast Minneapolis, in the very neighborhood she grew up in!

Rachel has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Minnesota focused on Community Engagement. Women’s workshops and community building events are the the kind of work that drives this she-beast.

Favorite Food: ALL FOOD


"Skinny Tail, Big Head & In the Way"

This dynamic trio has been doing their best to warm the laps of our beloved customers.

Sleeping in the automotive industry, these felines list purring and paw curling as their fortes. These fully certified Shop Kitties have been working Turbo Tim’s waiting room for years.


"The Voice of Truth"

I live in St. Paul with a cat.  I like farming and summer outdoor activities. I’m going to start bee keeping soon and have enjoyed taking over the front desk at Anything Automotive.


"The Most Best"

Hey! I’m Brett. I have been a mechanic for a number of years and graduated from Pine Tech in 2010.

I love working on all kinds of cars, the more difficult the better, just gives me more of a challenge and experience.

When I’m not working on cars I love to race cars and shoot guns.

Let’s fix that car!!


"Pro" "Super Dave"

I’m single and looking I like long walks by the beach and fast cars. I have been working on cars for a while and like kittens.



Sara has been with us since her training at Newgate School. She brings a lot of skills to the shop! Her help with our Women’s Workshops and our Girl’s Inc interns has been extraordinary. Girls Rock!


"No Way"

Jose has been consistently busting out work at the shop since he’s started. He works the night shift and has the friendly smile to prove it!



Rain garden? Check. Install a fence? Check. Landscape the parking lot? Check. Jon’s got you covered. He can handle just about any job and keeps the shop running super smooth and squeaky err… greasy(?) clean. He’s got the hardest job here, keeping this place tip top, and we are super grateful to have him!


"Squirrel Master"

What up? Dave here… to work on your car, your mom’s car, your brother’s car, your best friend’s car.

Keep it in the family.




JonO is here to work hard and bring the attitude. The GOOD attitude that we all need around here!

Helpful and willing to take on just about any job, JonO is a real team member at Turbo Tim’s


"Family Guy"

Dean eat sleeps and breathes cars, well he works on them anyways.



Justin is not your uncle but feel free to call him that. He’s the singer for That’s My Uncle. They played live for our Art-A-Whirl event in 2018.

He’s hard working and likes to have a little fun!


"Man with the plan"

Not to be confused with Martin Lawrence of the 90’s sitcom ‘Martin’…. OUR Martin is MUCH funnier.

He’s the man with the plan at the front desk of Turbo Tim’s. He’s got you covered.



Nate has determination. He brings the trimmed beard style to what has become a ZZ Top look alike contest around here. He keeps it trim.

He owns Lifted Optics a pretty sweet wood framed sunglasses company. Get some today!



"Dave's Cousin"

Topher, short for Christopher, another nickname Chris, sounds like Christ, He’s does have that tattooed Jesus look to him doesn’t he? Carpenter or Mechanic? We think he made the right choice.