Wheel Alignments in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and West Saint Paul

Fun fact!  Cars are actually designed to drive straight without turning the steering wheel!  Fascinating!  If your car is turning itself, this could be a symptom of poor wheel alignment.  Your ASE Certified mechanic will use our Hunter alignment rack to investigate, diagnose, and fix any problems with your suspension!  We’re here for any of your alignment or suspension needs to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience!

I checked my tire pressure and everything, why the heck is my steering wheel still vibrating?

Well unfortunately, it’s probably not a built-in hand massager.  Although that might be a relaxing feature, your car probably doesn’t feel very relaxed.  There might be a wheel alignment issue.  This certainly won’t fix itself and could be causing even more damage to your vehicle.  Your ASE Certified mechanic will perform every key safety check on your suspension, making sure things don’t get even worse!

I just got brand new tires, why should I give a darn about alignment?

Improper wheel alignment will abuse those shiny new puppies!  Worst of all, you could end up buying new ones well ahead of their expected lifespan.  Poor alignment doesn’t just beat up your beautiful expensive tires.  It could also cause even worse problems for the rest of your car.  Don’t ruin the investment in your new tires before you’ve even gotten to know them.  Definitely consider getting a professional inspection from Turbo Tim’s!

My Uncle Remus says he can fix my wheel alignment for free with a garden hose, a rubber mallet, and a can of tomato sauce, how could Turbo Tim's possibly be a better option that that?

The hose-mallet-tomato technique is a controversial one indeed.  However, here at Turbo Tim’s, our ASE Certified mechanics use a state-of-the-art alignment machine, ensuring your car gets a premium calibrated alignment.  Your mechanic will also complete essential safety checks to ensure there are no dangers.  Finally, they will perform a road test to confirm you leave with a vehicle that is comfortable to drive.

Whenever I turn, my car makes this noise like GONK GUG GUG GUG GUG! What should I do?

Definitely give us a call: Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or Schedule Online!