Who is Jose?

Jose came to us as a tiny confused little kitten and we fell in love immediately!  He’s not a little kitty anymore and he wants everyone to know it!  Jose is the instigator of most of the wrestling matches in the shop, even if he doesn’t win the most.  If you see him wandering around the shop, there’s a good chance he’s on a very important adventure.  There’s just no off switch on this little guy!

How to pet Jose?

Jose likes cuddling more than petting.  Most of the time, he’s on a mission doing cat things, but now and then he’ll like to rest on your shoulder and purr away.  Normal petting is okay, just not his favorite.  Be alert if you’re giving him belly rubs, because your hand will quickly become a toy for him to gently claw and bite.  He’s so cute though, how could you not let him scratch up your arm a little bit??  Just a little…
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