Who is Brandon?

It’s probably not news to anyone familiar with Turbo Tim’s that Brandon is a little stinker.  His ongoing towel-stealing antics have become a world-wide sensation, featured on news sites as far as Australia and Poland, possibly even other planets.  You can see the famous footage here.

Although he exhibits occasional moments of relaxation and patience, he’s more well known for rudely interrupting conversations with a loud demand for food or attention.  Brandon is a real pain in the butt sometimes, but underneath the thick chonker exterior is a sweet little kitty that just wants to be loved.  And boy do we love him!

How to pet Brandon?

Brandon is a pretty substantial kitty, so he can handle harder petting than most cats.  He also likes little head scratches.  Despite being the biggest boy in the shop, he loves jumping up on people’s laps and just plopping himself down.  What an honor to pet such a famous celebrity!
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