Turbo Tim and the Anything Automotive team values our customers and our twin cities community. We want to work in cooperation wherever and whenever we possibly can with those of you who helped make our business so successful.

Some of the ways we like to engage with community include:

Cleaning up our adopted Highway. Look for the sign when driving North on Hwy 280 just past Como but before 35W North. We are out there 3-4 times a year cleaning up trash. HONK US SOME LOVE!!

Women’s Workshops have become a very popular service we are thrilled to offer to our customers and community. We have been seeking to diversify our team in many ways and  are super grateful to have Sara as a full time female mechanic. Sara and Rachel work together to offer free workshops to Women (cis and trans and genderqueer) to learn more about their cars and have the opportunity practicing skills. Watch our Facebook page for more workshops in the future.

Rain Garden: In 2016 Turbo Tim’s partnered with the Audubon Neighborhood Association and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to install a Rain Garden on the site of our Northeast building. This partnership was designed to bring awareness to storm-water runoff and good water management practices for our customers

Art-A-Whirl hosted at Turbo Tim’s is an annual event that brings large crowds to the shop to eat, listen to live music, buy art from local artists and watch Turbo Tim defy gravity with his Monster Truck, crushing cars that were either donated or too far gone to fix. This event is all ages and a lot of fun! Check our Facebook page for the event hosted every May.